Custom homes, semi-custom homes, spec homes- the options are endless, and deciding which one is right for your space can be puzzling. How about breaking down what each home entails and making this decision easier for you? That’s precisely what this short guide covers, taking you through what we, at Hartel Homes, have in store for you.


Custom Homes

Most people have dreamt up their perfect home. They have laid out the structure of the space and know just where everything fits. All they need is a team to bring the dream to life. Is this you? Are you detail-oriented? A custom home could be what you need.

You work directly with the builder to design and plan the home, giving you the autonomy you crave to decide where each piece of the puzzle fits. You also get to detail which accessories you use and even the size and number of the rooms. So, if you want to have ALL the control when building your home, you can see how this would work.


Is a Custom Home for You?

Custom home building includes a lot of back and forth between you and the builder. You will be the first chair on almost every decision, including choosing materials and finishes. Rather than wait for the builder to decide what happens on the ground, you will plan everything, leaving them with the task of execution. How does that sound? Let’s see if you tick all the boxes for custom home owners:

  • Are you keen on details?
  • Do you want the final say on the outcome of the construction?
  • Are you ready to put in the time to discuss the house modifications?


How Custom Homes Work

If this hands-on approach excites you, we would be happy to work with you on your next project. What can you expect?



While some custom home builders require you to hire a contractor and architect on the side, we do not use this approach. We hold your hand from the start, helping you secure permits for the construction work, reducing delays and costs in the process. But that’s not all we offer.


Design Work

While some clients come ready with plans, ready to break the ground and put up their homes, you may need some help with your design. We have an extensive selection of floor plans and layouts available to all our clients. Our team of designers can take you through what can work for your lot and bounce some ideas off you. They have been in the field enough to know which interior and exterior features bring out the true essence in a home.


Construction Work

With you acting as the first chair, we will execute the house design to bring your wildest dreams to life. You can alter the plans and bring in modifications as we build, ensuring that you get precisely what you want.


We pride ourselves on meeting our clients’ needs and have implemented a simple process to ensure this. It boils down to transparency. We will walk you through the entire home building process, breaking down the costs for each step, ensuring that you understand what the next few weeks or months will entail. Once you settle on a plan that speaks to your needs, we get started on the construction.


What About Semi-Custom Homes?

Are you stuck between two worlds? You want to enjoy the convenience of moving into a ready home but still want to have a say in its design. Can you have your cake and eat it? Why, yes, you can, in the form of a semi-custom home! It’s almost like a custom home, but with some key differences.


The Semi-Custom Home Process

Hartel Homes boasts a vast collection of floor plans suited for different client expectations. Our designers will take you through each floor plan, complete with the source materials. All you need is to point at the one you like, and we will get right on it. Does that mean that you won’t take part in more decision-making? Hardly. We bake the cake, and you decorate it. So, you come in to choose the materials, finishes, and any other modifications to the original design.


Is a Semi-Custom Home for You?

Are you ready to see if you tick the boxes for a semi-custom home? Let’s get to it:

  • Do you need help coming up with a design for your home?
  • Would you rather have someone else customize the design?
  • Are you limited on time to act as the first chair in the home design and construction process?

We have an option that works for you- the semi-custom home. We take the decision-making out of the way, do the heavy lifting, and leave you to make the final touches to the space. Oh, it also saves you time because the back and forth between you and the builder is minimal.


The Spec House

Are you ready to move into a new home? Then a spec house could work for you! This house comes ready with fittings, and all you need is to sign the paperwork and move in. The builder designs and constructs the home to meet the current market trends without input from the homeowner. So, no design work, no modifications, no meetings; just a nod, and you are the proud owner of a new home.


Is a Spec House Right for You?

These homes are built with everyone in mind. Whether you are a young family looking to settle down or are downsizing from a bigger house, you can always find a suitable option. These homes are also great investments because they fit pretty much everyone’s needs. You also get to avoid the back and forth associated with custom and semi-custom homes.


There you have it! Your choice of home ultimately comes down to how much detail you want in your home. Of course, the amount of control you wish to wield over the process also plays a big part in this decision. What’s your choice going to be? Contact us today and together, let’s work out which house fits your needs the most!